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 We invite you to browse our Range Top Art selection with confidence. Each Range Top Art cover is custom made specifically to fit your individual order requirements.


Range Top Art covers are custom made to fit your glass top surface. Range Top Art covers are works of art and protection for your glass top range/stove. They are flexible, sealed on both sides with a luster laminate which is easily cleaned. The covers transform your blank range top into a work of art and enhance the kitchen experience.

Range Top Art, covers your glass top when you are not cooking, and provides an extra work surface in your kitchen. They are not a cutting board surface.

Range Top Art covers protect the glass top from scuffing and scratching when pots, pans and other kitchen items are sitting on the surface when the range is not in use.

Hot pots and pans should not be placed directly on the cover. The cover should not be placed on hot surfaces.

So, Protect your glass top from scratches and scuffing and beautifuy your kitchen experience today.



   There are over thirty sizes of glass top stoves. We are going to make your cover to fit your glass top.

   Measure your glass top from side to side, then front to back.

   You will enter these measurements during the ordering process. When you get to the shipping page there is a "Special Instructions" box to type in your measurements.




   There are two size options to select when ordering.

1. If your width is 30" or under, select the Medium size option when ordering. Then enter your glass top measurements and corner treatment in the "Special Instructions" box found on the shipping page.

2. If your width is over 30" select the Large size option when ordering. Then enter your glass top measurements and corner treatment in the "Special Instructions" box found on the shipping page.

    Note that the maximum width is 36"



  Check the corners on your glass top. The glass top corners are either round or square.

If your corners are round let us know the approximate size.


The stanard round is the size of a silver dollar, 1-1/2" diameter. Some corners are half dollar, quarter, nickle, dime, size. Place a coin in the round corner and see which is closest. Some corners are as big as a soda can.

Enter this information along with your size measurements in the "Special Instructions" box.


Orders are produced in the order received, usual turn around time is a week. However, please allow two to three weeks for shipping once your order is placed.

Orders are shipped flat by USPS Priority or USPS Retail Ground.

We highly recommend using Priority mail, which includes a tracking number and insurance if the USPS damages or loses your order. Retail Ground mail is a little less in cost, includes a tracking number but no insurance.


We feel confident you will enjoy the beauty and functionality of your Range Top Art cover for many years to come. Be sure to come back often for seasonal and holiday designs that will brighten up your kitchen and your spirit.

Range Top Art covers are an ideal gift for family and friends who have glass top ranges.

Happy cooking from all of us at Range Top Art.

Enjoy the day!

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